Foot odor can be embarrassing, but it's actually due to the body's dampness and heat. Please put away the foot soaking formula that is suitable for everyone!


Foot odor, also known as athlete's foot, is a common skin disease caused by fungal infection. If left untreated, it can spread and lead to complications. To take care of your feet, follow these steps: 

1) Wear breathable shoes like canvas shoes. 

2) Eat foods like coix seed and millet to improve digestion and remove dampness from the body. 

3) Walk barefoot to help eliminate toxins from the body. 

4) Change socks daily and expose them to sunlight. 

5) Use antifungal creams or ointments for cracked skin. 

6) Soak your feet in a herbal bath made of Artemisia argyi, Sophora flavescens, Atractylodes macrocephala, rose petals, and Stellaria media. This remedy can help with coldness, dampness, itching, liver stagnation, and joint pain. Remember to consult a doctor if the condition persists.