Why do you still have acne after puberty? How to eliminate the troubles of growth?


After the age of 25, many individuals still experience acne breakouts, commonly known as adult acne or post-adolescent acne. The causes of adult acne are often linked to excess sebum production and can occur in both oily and dry skin types. Stress is a major contributor to adult acne, disrupting the body's internal systems and causing imbalances in oil and water levels. 

Adult acne is more prevalent in women aged 25-35 with combination skin. Proper cleansing is crucial to prevent clogged pores. Use gentle cleansers and products that control oil and bacteria. Regular exfoliation at a beauty salon helps maintain clear pores. Pay attention to your diet, avoiding spicy and fatty foods that stimulate sebum production. Maintaining a balance between work and rest, avoiding fatigue and sleep deprivation, is also important. 

Finally, keeping personal hygiene, washing hair regularly, and exposing bedding and towels to sunlight for disinfection are recommended. By following these steps, you can effectively prevent and manage adult acne.