Why do you wash your feet and change socks every day, and still have foot odor? What to do to stay away from foot odor and remove foot odor


Causes and Prevention of Foot Odor Foot odor can be frustrating, even with regular foot washing and sock changes. The smell is caused by sweat and bacteria on the feet. Feet have 250,000 sweat glands which constantly produce sweat that doesn't evaporate due to the enclosed environment in shoes, allowing bacteria to thrive and create a stronger odor. 

Additionally, wearing the same shoes for a long time can cause bacteria to accumulate and spread to the feet. Foot odor can also be worse if there is a fungal infection present. Taking showers in public bathrooms and wearing communal slippers can spread bacteria, leading to foot odor even without an existing fungal infection. Moisture in the toe crevices and excessive sweating can also contribute to bacterial growth and odor. 

To combat foot odor, it is recommended to wash feet and change socks daily. Use a dedicated basin for washing feet and avoid mixing dirty socks with other clothes during laundry. It is also important to change shoes regularly and have at least two pairs to prevent bacterial buildup and prolong shoe life. 

For severe foot odor, soaking feet in peppercorn water can help kill bacteria and improve foot hygiene. Avoid popping blisters in toe crevices as it can cause infection. It is essential to separate socks from other garments while washing, and paying attention to these factors can help prevent and manage foot odor. Using these tips for foot care will help maintain healthy and odor-free feet.