People with athlete's foot should know these three reasons for athlete's foot and completely eradicate them

3 Tips to Prevent Foot Odor

1. Change shoes and socks regularly: Make sure to develop good hygiene habits by changing socks daily, especially if your feet sweat a lot. Avoid wearing the same shoes for long periods and always air-dry and disinfect them under the sun.

2. Avoid sharing personal items: Public facilities like showers, swimming pools, and foot baths often have shared slippers, towels, and basins. These items can easily spread fungal infections and foot odor. It is suggested to use disposable items in such places.

3. Keep feet dry and remove dead skin: Foot odor is closely related to the buildup of dead skin cells. People with sweaty feet provide an ideal environment for fungus growth and multiplication. To prevent foot odor, ensure to keep feet dry and maintain a regular foot care routine. Remember to choose breathable shoes, change socks daily, and develop a habit of washing feet daily.

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