How to determine if you have athlete's foot? 4 common types, make your own judgment!

How to identify athlete's foot: 4 common symptoms

1. Sweaty and smelly feet: Excessive sweating with a foul odor, accompanied by sweaty and white-soaked soles.

2. Scaly and dry skin: Dry, peeling, itchy skin on the sides and soles of the feet, with thickened and rough areas.

3. Blisters: Small, deep-seated blisters, often clustered between the toes and on the soles, with clear and non-rupturing fluid.

4. Ulcerative: Severe itching, foul odor, and moist and inflamed skin between the 3rd and 4th toes, progressing to involve other toe spaces, with red and ulcerated areas. Many cases involve a mix of different symptoms.

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