Having cancer on your body and being a prophet in both hands and feet, taking a closer look at these four abnormal features can save your life if discovered earlier

irst, we must be attentive to abnormal pain in the limbs, which can indicate an underlying cancerous condition. For example, lung cancer can compress the brachial plexus in the apex of the lung, leading to arm pain. Similarly, cervical cancer can compress the nerves in the lower limbs, causing leg pain. Additionally, cancer can metastasize to the bones in the hands and feet, causing abnormal pain. Cancer-associated pain often worsens at night. Second, "liver palms" is a condition characterized by abnormal changes in the palms due to liver dysfunction. The palms present pinkish-red patches on the interdigital space, which turn pale under pressure and return to their original color when released.

Liver dysfunction prevents the metabolism of estrogen, leading to the accumulation of estrogen and subsequent liver palms. Liver palms may indicate liver cirrhosis or cancer and should prompt immediate medical examination. Third, lower limb edema can be caused by kidney, liver, or heart problems. However, it can also be a result of cancer-related malnutrition and hypoalbuminemia. Some cancers can cause hypercoagulability, leading to venous thrombosis and subsequent lower limb edema. In certain cases, cancers like cervical or ovarian cancer can compress blood or lymphatic vessels, causing unilateral limb swelling. Lastly, clubbing is a condition characterized by widening and thickening of the fingertips or toes. This results in a bulging nail plate that creates a base angle of 180° or greater. Clubbing is often mistaken for gout or rheumatoid arthritis, but it is actually associated with hypoxia and hormonal disturbances. 

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