Doctor's reminder: Cancer cells are most afraid of these "5" foods. Eating a little every day is beneficial for good health and longevity

Every year, there are over three million new cancer cases in China, with over 30% of them attributed to improper diet. Experts emphasize the close relationship between cancer and diet. Some foods that increase the risk of cancer include processed foods, pickles, barbecued and grilled meats, smoked tofu, deep-fried foods, moldy foods, and leafy greens stored overnight with high levels of nitrites.

Eating these foods regularly significantly raises the risk of cancer. However, a healthy diet can be an effective way to prevent cancer, and there are many natural foods that can act as cancer fighters. Some examples include dried figs, garlic, mushrooms, dried sweet potato chips, and black sesame seeds. These foods have various medicinal and health benefits and can help prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system.

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